About the exhibition

In a small city of Łańcut which can be found as a small dot on a map north-east of Rzeszów from over 110 years the Henryk Sienkiewicz Secondary School no.1 stands. This extraordinary school has it’s own stories known to it’s students (who call themselves ‘’Sienkiewiczacy’’ from the name of their patron). The wish to give an account about them resulted in this exposition. Our school always stand out with its achievements in science unquestionably due to work of it’s non-substitutable teachers.

One of them and at the same time most charismatic was prof. Jan Marszał - notable alumni of our school and later its mathematics teacher and headmaster whose figure we will describe from his birth through education, work, pedagogical activity and memories which he left behind him. We want to commemorate prof. Marszał properly so that remembrance about him will never stop and thanks to today’s media coverage even rise by being carried to next generations. The exhibition is rich in interviews, photographs, scans of documents, stories told by many people and other merging its contents altogether and all of that using the program ‘’Movio’’.