Pedagogical activity

First school in which prof. Marszał worked between 1934 and 1938 was Rybnik Middle School. On 25 October 1938 he was transferred to Middle School in Jabłonkowo.

After the breakout of world war II Jan Marszał alias ‘’Brożek’’ engaged in organizing and conducting clandestine teaching in Łańcut County and has been involved in work of Secret Teaching Organization. After the creation of the Regional Commission of Culture and Education in Łańcut Country he became a lecturer of middle education. He’s been fully committed to his job. Due to him and other teachers approximately 1000 young people from Łańcut Country got educated during occupation.

In September 1944 Rzeszów and surrounding areas were liberated. Soon after prof. Marszał began his work in Henryk Sienkiewicz Middle and Secondary School in Łańcut, where he remained for life. He devoted himself well and truly to teaching students. From 1 February 1963 to 31 August 1968 he served as school’s headmaster. Despite retiring on 31 August 1977 he maintained his position as a mathematics teacher, working part-time to aid students. He died on 13 November 1980 at work. He educated for 34 years attending his every lesson and never being late…