Social activity

Jan Marszał as the others from his time was born under the Austro-Hungarian rule but growing up in independent Poland. Not only was he affected by organic work ideology during interwar period but also by scout and cooperative activity ideals.

He engaged in helping others during his studies and got involved in various activities in academical dormitory. As a teacher he looked after the scout team and orchestra functioning in the Henryk Sienkiewicz Secondary School no. 1. He was responsible for forming young people in the spirit of cooperation which he based on Mickiewicz’s "Ode to youth" (“En masse, Young Friends! In happiness our ends.”).

After World War II he was active member of Trade Union of Teachers. He was proud of his occupation and everyone could always depend on him. Due to his activity a Housing Cooperative was created in Łańcut, which was a milestone in meeting the accommodation needs of citizens of our town. Professor was also an activist in Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, he was keen on tourism and was taking care of camping trips. Shortly before his sudden death he took part in an excursion to Podlasie and came back very satisfied by exploring unknown to him part of Poland which was next great tourist experience.