Prof. Marszał's math contest

Math contest is one of the ways to keep memory of prof. Jan Marszał. It is Voivodeship competition in which the most talented students from the best high schools from Podkarpacie take part. Contest is divided in three levels of high school classes and take place in three parts: scholar, regional and Voivodeship contest.

Competition has been organised every year, constantly since 1985. The originator of the contest was prof. Eugeniusz Śmietana, presently honour member of the competition’s commission. Contest takes place annually in November at anniversary of death of prof. Marszał. Organizers are school administration  and math teachers from Secondary School no. 1: Aldona Stolarska-Ferenc (president of the commission), Monika Wyczarska, Karolina Kochmańska, Dariusz Gwizdak. They take up this hard challenge with support of headmaster Robert Szura and local Łańcut authorities.

Winners of the Marszał competition are known for finishing studies on the most prestigious universities, having academic titles and reaching successes in scientific world. In the past, one of the prizes for winners was university index for AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

Moreover in 2009 and 2010 two editions of International Mathematics Contest of prof. Jan Marszał took place. Students from Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania were competing in two categories: group and individual.

By organising this competition, society of our school gives honour to it’s excellent mathematician and great educator, who guided young students to reach highest results in maths.